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DSN/Change - The Dataset Renaming System, file name migration under z/OS automatically, reliably and at low cost:

You've got a problem. The number of datasets you have is growing steadily, but your naming conventions are outmoded and have to be adapted to today's needs. Or you want to integrate another data center into your system and its naming conventions don't match yours.
But changing a dataset name is a lot of work: The dataset has to be renamed in the catalog, the DD statements in the JCL have to be modified, symbolic parms have to be resolved, IMS dynallocs and utilities have to be adapted – and on and on.
The upshot: Manual migration of file names is time-consuming, error-prone and, as a result, expensive. That's why there's DSN/Change. If you want to carry out migration automatically, reliably and at low cost, DSN/Change is the right tool for your data center.

Functional Overview
• DSN/Change searches JCL libraries, data cards, CLIST and REXX programs, CA-1 tape management definitions, RACF profiles, IMS dynallocs and more for all references to the files you want to rename. These references are then written to the internal database of DSN/Change. A typical example of a reference is the DSN parameter of a DD statement: DSN=FILENAME.
• DSN/Change creates new file names according to pre-defined rules. These rules are set and maintained by the user in an ISPF dialog. Extensive utilities such as variables, tables and string functions are available.
• DSN/Change simulates all changes. In the so-called TRY mode, old and new file names are listed next to each other and the result you will get after conversion is displayed.
• DSN/Change can reformat DD statements: BLKSIZE, UNIT, VOLUME, MGMTCLAS, DATACLAS, STORCLAS and so forth can be changed, added or removed automatically according to pre-defined rules.
• DSN/Change considers symbolic parameters in the JCL and in procedures.
• DSN/Change compares access rights to old and new dataset names with each other. If they don't match, the differences are displayed.
• DSN/Change renames the physical files (non-VSAM, VSAM, GDGs, IMS databases, tapes) as well as all references to these files while production is running.
• DSN/Change recalls migrated datasets. After renaming, these datasets are returned to the media they were recalled from.
DSN /Change tracks all modifications: Complete and error-free, no revision is necessary. Such seamless tracking makes it possible to undo all changes at any time.