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CIM - Easy ICF catalog administration for z/OS operating systems:

CIM provides significant performance advantages and annual cost savings over other catalog management tools.

CIM, Catalog Information Manager, is a leading edge ISPF-panel-driven z/OS catalog management tool. CIM is designed for easy ICF catalog administration, maintenance, diagnostics, backups and synchronized recovery. It provides significant performance advantages over all other catalog management solutions, including automatic building of JCL for subsequent batch scheduling and informative online reporting of your entire catalog structure.

Companies worldwide have chosen CIM as their solution to catalog management. We have been able to save companies up to 70% annually over alternative catalog management solutions. CIM’s contemporary design gives you the assurances you need to support today’s ever-changing environments in a fast, secure and efficient manner.

CIM ICF Catalog Recovery Tool: The Benefits
• Backup and recovery of ICF catalogs
• Automatic JCL Generation
• Name masking capability
• Performance boost compared to other tools
• Automated job scheduling
• ISPF interface