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DSO - Fully-automated program to execute defragment functions:

In spite of huge DASD capacities and virtual disk arrays, allocation problems occur over and over again, mainly with larger datasets. Those lead to production interruptions due to unnecessary job abends, additional manual actions by Computer Operations, increased DASD space and related costs.

DSO maximizes DASD through fully automated functionality, executing defrag functions automatically, quickly, permanently, securely and nearly unnoticed. The fragmentation index is kept on a consistent optimized level, the utilization of the volumes increases considerably, production is safer and additional costs will be saved!

DSO keeps defrags transparent to the production environment. The storage administrator defines the volumes that are to be optimized using selection criteria that eliminates maintenance. The highest fragmentation is usually evident where many activities (like create, extend and delete of datasets) take place. Typically the work, test and batch production volumes are hit the most. DSO allows different thresholds to be set for different groups of volumes.

DSO runs as a started task which constantly observes the fragmentation of the user defined volumes. According to the user given time interval, DSO selects the volumes that are the best candidates for the defragmentation. DSO keeps the fragmentation rate low. Users defined the amount of track relocation for each volume process.

DSO DASD Defrag Tool: The Benefits
• Fully automated
• Design your own optimization profile!
• DSO permanently guarantees an optimal fragmentation rate
• Masks guarantee that no volumes will be missed/overlooked
• Post-install DSO runs in the background
• Parameters can be adjusted and dynamically applied at any time