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INFOCPU -CPU resource reporting system that creates graphical and SYSOUT reports:

InfoCPU is a CPU resource reporting system that easily creates graphical reports along with traditional mainframe SYSOUT reports showing overall CPU and individual WLM workload and service class performance and utilization. Trending of your CPU and WLM resource utilization is fully supported. Use InfoCPU to provide management and technical groups, alike, with the data they need to perform capacity planning and performance and tuning decisions in your data center.

Obtaining accurate information on systems performance and usage is essential in managing today’s complex computing environments. To address this challenge, InfoCPU was developed to generate reports on CPU usage. The reports and graphs created by InfoCPU show CPU utilization from a global viewpoint, encompassing all partitions within a complex.

InfoCPU provides graphical and non-graphical reports regarding CPU usage in Workload Manager and non-WLM environments without the need to learn complex programming techniques. Clean summary reporting, trending and impact analysis are generated with the push of a button. The color graphs and management-style reporting allows management to make performance and tuning decisions easily and efficiently. The product’s ability to logically rearrange WLM Workloads and Service Classes allows data managers the ability to view the effects of configuration changes before they are actually made.

Reports can easily be produced by LPAR, WLM Workload or WLM Service Class. These levels can then be further broken down by weekday, weekend, or by three distinct, user-defined shifts. This functionality enables IT managers to quickly identify how resources are being used during peak and off-peak periods so they can plan the appropriate adjustments. In less than one day per month, any data manager can produce the reports and graphs generated by InfoCPU. It allows systems programmers and managers to analyze situations together, without complicated algorithm analysis. InfoCPU collects and reformats input from SMF (RMF/CMF) and allows the user to easily and efficiently produce custom graphical reporting on CPU and WLM information. The InfoCPU reporter, SAECPU, produces three types of output files: graph files, mainframe SYSOUT reports and comma-delimited files. As with all the INFO products, the goal of InfoCPU is to very easily provide reports and graphs of resource usage, leaving management free to analyze the data rather than gather and format it.

InfoCPU Mainframe Reporting: The Benefits
• Detailed reports
• Simple to install and use with not training cycle
• No mainframe software prerequisites
• Graphs and report files on the PC
• Reporting of CPU Utilization and Max CPU Utilization by Service Class and by Workload
• Reporting of I/O and max I/O by Service Class and by Workload
• Reporting of CPU utilization by LPAR