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INFODASD - Data collection, reformatting and reporting for DASD subsystems:

InfoDASD helps control storage costs through data collection, reformatting and reporting for DASD subsystems. InfoDASD provides the storage assessment, planning and reporting tools necessary to plan future storage needs. To determine how effective storage is being used, InfoDASD provides a basis for better resource management as well as reporting on System Managed Storage (SMS) and DFSMShsm process of data migration.

InfoDASD provides an automated reporting system that generates a standard set of reports on device performance, media utilization, and media ownership.

Example Data Provided
• Who owns all the data in the data center?
• What data is being used and what is not?
• How much of the allocated space are development groups actually using?
• How many tape mounts are being satisfied within automated tape libraries, as compared to manual tape drives or VTS?

The InfoDASD product frees the data center personnel to analyze data without imposing requirements to understand complex programming languages. Using a proven performance management methodology, InfoDASD integrates disk performance and ownership usage to show a complete picture. Disk usage trending reports show space utilization and data set aging analysis by SMS pools and by data set ownership. Using advanced statistical techniques, the DASD reports the actual disk response across all system IDs.

In addition to generating a complete set of reports, InfoDASD provides this information on the PC and provides output in three forms: SYSOUT reports, report files in PC format and Microsoft Excel graphs files. InfoDASD processes MVS system generated data to produce PC files and graphs that communicate the status of an installation’s storage. InfoDASD is a complete system, which can be used to generate daily, weekly or monthly status reports, as well as, a monthly trend analysis. Equally important, the product uses the data already collected by your installation, so there are no additional software requirements.

InfoDASD DASD Storage Reporting Software: The Benefits
• Automated reporting on performance, utilization and ownership
• Simple to install and use
• No additional software requirements
• Graphs and report files in PC format
• Helps control rising costs of data storage
• No programming knowledge required