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INFOTAPE - A global view of your tape resource performance and utilization:

InfoTAPE helps reduce the cost of tape storage by performing data collection, reformatting and reporting of tape subsystems. InfoTAPE provides both traditional mainframe reports and PC graphs of tape device performance, media utilization and media ownership. InfoTAPE leaves managers and technicians free to analyze the data rather than spending time organizing it. Best of all, data center personnel are not required to learn complex programming and analysis techniques.

Using a proven performance management methodology, InfoTAPE provides a global view of tape usage. Both tape mounts and media are integrated to show a complete picture of ATL (Automated Tape Library) and non- ATL tapes. Tape usage trends are shown from month-to-month by tape pools and data owners. InfoTAPE processes MVS system generated data and tape status of an installation’s tape library to include IBM Virtual Tape Servers (VTS). Graphical output is displayed using Microsoft Excel.

Tapping information from the Tape Management Catalog or STK tape robot software, InfoTAPE determines the current state of current tape usage, the number of volumes, how many are in use, how full the tapes are, and how often they are used. InfoTAPE makes it easy to identify tapes that are candidates for SCRATCH, consolidation, migration or any other activity that can reduce storage costs. InfoTAPE is a complete system which can be used to generate daily, weekly or monthly status reports, as well as a monthly trend analysis. Tape management catalogs and SMF data can be used and reports and graphs include all systems using MVS attached tape drives.

InfoTAPEMainframe Performance Software: The Benefits
• Reduce costs by optimizing tape storage
• Makes it easy to identify tapes that are candidates for SCRATCH, consolidation or migration
• Uses exisiting data sources
• Graphs and report files in PC format
• Simple to install and use
• No programming knowledge required