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SMFUTIL - SMF data management utility for z/OS for automating SMF processing:

SMFUTIL is the SMF data management and movement utility for z/OS for automating SMF processing. SMFUTIL combines speed with extreme flexibility and versatility in the handling of SMF data. It greatly enhances the availability and accessibility of SMF data while reducing the resources required to process it. SMFUTIL eliminates the need to write and maintain special purpose SMF processing routines.

SMFUTIL will produce clean archived master files that are cataloged as normal datasets. All datasets produced by SMFUTIL are usable for direct input to any program requiring SMF data. SMFUTIL is not required as a front-end processor each time SMF data is to be accessed, but it can be efficiently used as one to reduce data volume input to an SMF application such as SAS when a large archive file is to be processed. Access to SMF data may be granted selectively based on site-specified criteria by utilizing a security exit point built into SMFUTIL. SMF data records selected may optionally be passed to one or more user-defined exit modules for processing.

SMFUTIL includes SMFVIEW, an ISPF full-screen browser and editor of SMF data sources.

Using SMFUTIL can save countless hours of clock and CPU time, resulting in very substantial savings.

SMFUTIL SMF Dump and Clear Software: The Benefits
• Fully automates the SMF dumping process, for both standard MANx based and LOGR based SMF data repositories.
• Faster than IBM dump utility
• High-speed access to archives
• Easy to use
• Eliminates Duplicates
• Produces clean archived master files that are cataloged as normal datasets