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TWS/WebAdmin - The Web Interface to TWS z/OS, to monitor and manage the LTP and the CP:

TWS/WebAdmin for z/OS is a brand new web interface that allows you to:

Online functions (work directly against TWS controller)
• Modify plans
- List, insert and delete applications in CP and LTP
- Modify applications in CP
- Restart all operations that are in error - with a single click
- Restart from a specific operation
- Set occurrence to complete
- Change input arrival- and deadline
• Modify operations in CP
- Change all attributes of an operations - input arrival, workstation etc.
- Insert and delete operations
- Insert and delete dependencies

Offline functions (work against an integrated and synchronized RDBMS)
• Analyse CP (actual or previous CP):
- All kind of queries, e.g. which jobs run between 09:00 and 10:00
• Netplans (flowcharts) with many useful functions, e.g.
Show all predecessor/successor 
- Search critical path
- Search for jobs that will not meet their deadline
• Barcharts (timeline) showing start and end times 
- Application and operation level
- Scalable time axis
• List all predecessors/successors - Limited by level
• Search for jobs using special resources

All queries and functions work for multiple TWS subsystems - e.g. list all jobs that are in error on all systems