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Speedgain – Optimise the performance of distributed DB2:

Speedgain Gateway Monitor for DB2 z/OS - Reports on all Gateway connections arming the DBA with knowledge of the exact source and the means of a solution to performance problems.

Db2 Databases: The Heart Of Your Company
For eCommerce, warehouse administration or content management systems: DB2 databases come into play whenever data needs to be stored, manipulated and analyzed. They are at the heart of the entire system and must reliably sustain a variety of applications.

Staying on top of things:
• Do you have a good overview of your database resources?
• Are you using your resources effectively?
• Is the availability of your databases optimal?

Take benefit from Speedgain:
• With Speedgain for DB2, you will always be in tune
• with the current status of your databases.
• Speedgain detects potential problems as they are developing.
• Concrete diagnostic tools for fault analysis offer options for improvement.
• As a result, bottlenecks and idle times in your business will be minimized.

Monitoring: Speedgain for DB2 saves information on the availability, performance rate, and utilization of your database system. The 24/7 database monitoring allows you to supervise and receive updates on the state of your database around the clock.

Alerts: Collected information is displayed in diagrams. Alert situations are listed in the Treshold Overview panel. If bottlenecks are developing these entries are marked by a yellow symbol. If the problem worsens, a red symbol will be displayed.

Analysis: If a problem is indicated, simply click on the entry: problematic database entries are revealed by drill down and then instantaneously analyzed and displayed in clearly arranged reports.

History: Continuous analysis of a database's functionality enables the compilation of management reports based on the availability, performance and utilization of the database system. These reports will facilitate capacity planning and cost-savings in hardware investments.