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EPV SMF2XL - is the “Swiss army knife” of system programmers It allows you to exploit the huge amount of information provided by SMF records by using the power of MS Excel:

System programmers productivity
EPV SMF2XL has a very specific goal: increasing system programmers productivity.
It reads SMF dumps and load the results in MS Excel sheets: one for every record type and subtype in input.
No customization required. Not a minute spent on how to do it. All the time can be dedicated to analyze problems.

Product scope
All the standard IBM SMF record types are supported (0:127) so any problem arising in a z/OS system can be analysed.

EPV SMF2XL runs on Windows (XP or later). The installation process is very quick and easy. You just have to specify where the product has to be installed and the installation package will automatically prepare the environment.

To run the product you have to put SMF data to be analyzed in the input directory and then run EPV SMF2XL.
A complete automatic process will perform all the needed steps and create the MS Excel sheets. No customization at all.

EPV SMF2XL has no pre-requisites.