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MEGACryption PC/IX - Same great MegaCryption, but ported for use on PC and Unix/Linux systems:

Whether your company chooses to secure their on-site data, data transmissions, or entire files, MegaCryption can help. As a file-level cryptography tool, MegaCryption provides a comprehensive approach to compressing and encrypting virtually any file in your Windows, Unix, or Linux environment, while complementing any communication level encryption process you may already have in place.

MegaCryption/PC and MegaCryption/IX offers support of the most secure non-proprietary and well-known algorithms available today, ensuring security and compatibility with the OpenPGP standard (RFC4880).

MegaCryption/PC and MegaCryption/IX can be freely distributed internally and externally for use on Windows, Unix or Linux systems and are compatible with the OpenPGP standard. MegaCryption/PC and MegaCryption/IX include a friendly Windows interface, and also a command-line version for power users.

Due to the non-proprietary format of MegaCryption/PC and MegaCryption/IX encrypted files, compatibility with most PC or Unix encryption products is possible.

MegaCryption PC/IX Encryption Software: The Benefits
• Supports the OpenPGP standard for interoperability with other OpenPGP conforming products
• Simple and secure key management
• Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography, digital signature processing, and data integrity validation
• Encrypts data at rest for email, archiving, FTP, or SSL, extending file confidentiality beyond a secure network
• Create self-decrypting Archives for Windows PC users
• Provides Courtesy software for your business partners so there is no expense to your partner in handling MegaCryption