Symposium- 10 Ways to Save Money on the Mainframe

The 10 Ways to Save Money on the Mainframe Symposium in the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester on the 25th March 2009 was very well attended with about 20 delegates from nine UK mainframe sites including many who obtained discounts via their UKCMG & GSE membership

Fabio Massimo Ottaviani from EPV Technologies, a leading guru on mainframe performance and capacity planning, gave a detailed account of 10 main areas where mainframe users can save money. These were illustrated by case studies and user examples throughout. The major point that Fabio made was that, although IBM provides opportunities for companies to reduce their software bills by implementing various new licensing methods, these licensing methods require a sea-change in the culture and methods within IT department to be able to reap the benefits. These changes are predicated on the ability to measure and control the work that runs in zOS. For this reason, he recommended attendees to use software, which automatically provides the required measurements and exceptions at your fingertips, such as EPV for zOS.

Lee Hopkins from HSBC said the Fabio’s presentation was “highly interesting and relevant to our company. Some ideas, we are ready working on, but we certainly will look to take on some of the other ideas put across in the presentation… It was a valuable and worthwhile day”.

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