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EPV zParser is the alternative tool to interpret, store and use SMF, IMS and z/VM data on any of the major platforms (Mainframe Unix, Windows, Linux) using your favourite database and greatly reducing resource and license costs:

The alternative tool
Since many years all the analysis based on SMF, IMS and z/VM data have been performed using traditional tools, typically presenting flexibility but high cost or a reduced cost together with complex management requirements.

Maximum flexibility
EPV zParser addresses the problem allowing the maximum flexibility. SMF and other mainframe data can be interpreted, stored and used on all the major platforms (Mainframe Unix, Windows, Linux) using your favourite database

Low cost
By choosing the appropriate platform and database by itself allows for cost reduction. However the biggest cost savings can be obtained when the long and expensive data interpreting and loading phase can be moved from mainframe to distributed systems. Also if you decide to continue running data processing on the Mainframe it’s possible to reduce costs. EPV zParser in fact eliminate the need of other tools, normally much more expensive to interpret and collect this data.

Used technology
EPV zParser uses a proprietary technology; it’s written in PERL language and can be run in every environment. The EPV database contains all the fields needed to support the existing Cost/Accounting, Service Level Reporting, Tuning and Capacity Planning applications.

Integrated with other EPV products
EPV zParser is fully integrated with the EPV products which analyse SMF and IMS data such as EPV for z/OS, EPV for DB2, EPV for WMQ, EPV Graph for z/OS and with EPV for zLINUX which analyses z/VM monitor records.

Supported records
EPV zParser supports all the standard SMF records from 0 to 127. It also supports IMS log records and z/VM monitor records relevant for performance analysis and capacity planning.

EPV zParser interprets also:
• IDCAMS/DCOLLECT output (disk space usage)
• VSM SMF user records and VTS (Hydra) BVIR or SMF user records (virtual tape activity).
A light version of EPV zParser is included for free in EPV for z/OS Plus, EPV for DB2 Plus, EPV for WMQ Plus and EPV for zLINUX Plus. The light version only collects records and fields needed by the licensed products.

EPV zParser has no pre-requisites.