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MyEPV - is a complete solution to design an unlimited number of additional customer specific and management oriented reports, using a set of ready-made templates which can be easily customized and adapted, and published MyEPV fully integrates with the other EPV products:

MyEPV’s natural input source are the EPV for z/OS DBs.
However any MySQL, SQL Server DB or text files can also be used.

MyEPV output is a set of navigable reports in HTML pages fully integrated with the other EPV products. Standard EPV usability functions such as export to Excel, favourites, page scroll and column manager are automatically added to MyEPV reports.

MyEPV can run on Windows, Unix or Linux.
The installation process takes just a few seconds.

To run MyEPV you can execute line commands or schedule a .bat or .sh file which includes all the calls, one for each template, to the MyEPV program.

MyEPV requires MySQL or SQL Server.
A valid license and maintenance for EPV for z/OS is also needed.

The product’s pricing is based on the number of systems licensed for EPV for z/OS.