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EUROKEY - Utility program for z/Os that converts one currency to another on CICS screen displays:

EURO/KEY is a utility program for z/OS that converts one currency to another on CICS screen displays, based on user-provided rules, with minimal initial setup and no further intervention. It benefits companies dealing in two currencies–trading with a foreign company, for instance. When running reports, EURO/KEY helps all the numbers align to one currency.

EURO/KEY is not just for European companies. In fact, it was designed with American companies in mind–those who dealt with companies operating in Euros.

EURO/KEY uses standard Command Level CICS and is compatible with all current releases of CICS running under the VSE and MVS operating systems. It supports all models of 3270-type terminals running under the BTAM or VTAM access methods.

EURO/KEY z/OS Currency Conversion Software: The Benefits
• Minimal setup time
• Flexible
• Convert to and from any currency
• Color and highlighting
• Benefits for US and foreign companies
• No programming required
• Compatible with all CICS programs
• Conversions available instantly