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HELPKEY - Create online help screens interactively without programming knowledge:

Help/Key is a highly-effective CICS-based software product that enables you to easily create and maintain on-line help messages, on-line documentation and hard copy documentation for all your MVS and VSE applications – existing, new and purchased. Developers OR users can easily and quickly create and maintain on-line help screens interactively without any programming knowledge or system familiarity.

Maintaining an application is easier with Help/Key because distribution of updated documentation and help messages is instantaneous. Help/Key will drastically lower the volume of user support questions and calls, saving you time and money.

Help/Key CICS Help Screen Software: The Benefits
• Save time and expense
• Instantly deploy new documentation
• Screens can be built on PC
• Works with multiple database systems
• Users can build help screens
• Help stays up-to-date