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SPACECALC - Storage efficiency right from the start: file modeling and allocation:

If your installation is like most, there never seems to be as much DASD as you would like. Now you can get that extra storage without buying more hardware. You’ll make your operation more efficient in the process. Development and testing can be smoother and jobs can run faster, all thanks to SpaceCalc.

SpaceCalc is an interactive DASD and VSAM file modeling and allocation facility that makes efficient storage allocations simple. SpaceCalc is an easy-to-use, highly efficient TSO/ISPF driven product that eliminates guessing on file allocations and makes complex VSAM modeling simple.

SpaceCalc can help data centers achieve efficient DASD utilization at allocation time, rather than recovering over-allocated space or re-blocking after the fact.

For programmers, SpaceCalc represents an alternative online allocation facility. SpaceCalc will determine a file’s DASD requirement before the online allocation is performed. Thus the over-allocation associated with users estimating their file’s DASD requirement when using ISPF 3.2 can be avoided.

For DASD managers, SpaceCalc represents the perfect tool to process allocations made on a written request basis. With the newest release, SpaceCalc will now optionally determine the DFSMS class in which the allocation will be made. Requests for allocations can be performed in bytes, kilobytes, and megabytes for easy DFSMS file allocations.

SpaceCalc DASD Space Allocation Software: The Benefits
• Eliminates guesswork
• Fast, accurate allocations
• Accurate VSAM modeling
• Determines ideal parameters
• Easy to use
• Support for enhanced DFSMS

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Sarah Williams