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Virtel: communications across multiple environments, offering interoperability and scalability of mainframe data and applications:

Expose business critical applications as web GUIs and web services:

Virtel, multi-module solution, improves the business logic of legacy applications (CICS, IMS, Natural, Ideal, TSO…) by converting it into new dynamic web applications, in a simple, powerful, fast and cost-effective way: mainframe applications then look and behave like true web applications, at a fraction of the cost, risk and duration of redevelopment, replacement, or rehosting strategies. In terms of mainframe systems’ evolution, Virtel’s unique and original architecture allows a gradual implementation, fulfilling multiple needs.

Thanks to Virtel, implement a step-by-step modernization program for 3270 applications:

  • Replace 3270 terminal emulation and session managers using the Virtel Web Access module
  • Web-enable mainframe applications with Virtel Modernization
  • Make mainframe applications interact with other web services thanks to Virtel Integration

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