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WIZDOM - WizDom is a suite of programs that includes tools for file maintenance, file aging, impact analysis, and date/time simulation:

Date/Time Simulations
WizDom’s date/time simulation is highly useful for testing applications that have date-sensitive code. Any application can be given a simulated date and run without knowledge of the actual date. WizDom also has support for most online transactions and databases.

File Aging
With WizDom you can easily and automatically alter the dates on user files and databases , which is highly useful for generating test data.

File Manipulation
Use WizDom to create a test version of a file with a simple subset of records, locate and fix numeric fields on a production file which are causing data exceptions, print all records containing a specific value in a field, and complete similar operations on files or databases.

WizDom was built with a focus on simplicity: it’s easy to install, learn, and use.

WizDom Mainframe File Manipulation Software: The Benefits
• Execute programs with simulated dates and times
• Automatically increment dates on user files and databases for testing
• Quick-and-easy ad-hoc tasks on files and databases
• Analyze source code to locate required changes
• Manipulate data across files and databases
• ISPF panels