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SRS - Storage tracking and forecasts to replace manual DASD tracking methods:

SRS, the Storage Request System, is an ISPF-based online program that is used to communicate file related requests between a user area or group of user areas and the Data Management group.

Background information regarding the file request is entered onto the SRS menu driven screens by the User. This information ranges from information about the requestor to information that SRS can use to automatically calculate physical file characteristics or requirements.

This information is then transmitted to the Data Manager for review and approval. Finally, when the transaction is completed, the User is notified of the completion.

Because SRS will replace your manual DASD request process with an online system, the Data Manager(s) is provided with the capability of tracking each request and providing accurate forecasts of storage space based on the requests maintained in the SRS database.

SRS Database Capacity Management: The Benefits
• Forecast storage requirements
• Inventory storage control
• SRS Supports Multiple Locations
• Flexible reporting
• E-mail support
• Export to spreadsheet

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Sarah Williams